Since December of 2017, World of Hemp has been educating and providing people the endless benefits of the hemp plant. As a distributor committed to setting a higher industry standard, we dedicate time to researching, analyzing and testing products being created to insure we offer only superior quality products. When the 2018 Farm Bill received legislative approval in December 2018 the industry experienced a ‘green rush’ of CBD companies trying to cash in on the Hemp Movement. With World of Hemp products, you never have to worry about wasting your time and money on inferior products because we invest our time and money to find exceptional products you can trust.

Why We Started World of Hemp

There we were, proud owners of a beautiful German Shepherd Puppy, Johann, with a Champion’s pedigree planning to raise this puppy to be a champion Stud. The thing is, at 4 months old our Vet diagnosed our pup with hygroma’s, large pockets of fluid near the joints of his front legs. The real problem after visiting an Orthopedic Veterinarian was our little guy had dysplasia. They recommended we should not breed our dog because it perpetuates dysplasia in the bloodline. To us that meant we had a pet that would experience a life of pain. Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

My son knew someone in the CBD business in Colorado from whom we learned about CBD and its many benefits for animals! Instantly it became crystal clear to us we needed to try CBD for the health of Johann. Our hope was we could have a great pet and Johann could have a healthy life. Our plan was to put Johann on a daily wellness regimen. So we started learning all we could about CBD. But we didn’t stop there. We found a reputable company with an outstanding product to give to Johann. After that, from our research, we learned not only can pets be helped but Humans too can reap benefits from this all-natural product. Building on that knowledge and success, we decided to teach others the benefits of CBD for people and their pets. We started ‘World of Hemp LLC’.

Through World of Hemp, we can now attest that CBD has improved Johann’s life, our health, and the lives of 100’s of people we have come in contact with! And that’s why we are so excited to share this with you so you can get these results too!

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