CBD Online Interest Is Skyrocketing

Insomnia, arthritis, pain, opioid addiction – CBD has been reported to help treat all these conditions and more.

It is evident that CBD is having a moment. The JAMA Network Open has published a research article that speaks to the exponential rise of interest in CBD by tracking and analyzing the frequency of United States Google searches for either “CBD” or “cannabidiol” from January 2004 through April 2019.

The analysis of online searches by the U.S. population informs that millions are equally or more interested in CBD than in any other health product or topic.

The use of CBD is not new – in fact, people first extracted it in 1940 from the cannabis plantHowever, today, we find CBD take on many forms: gummies, tinctures, capsules, even skin-care.

The JAMA Network Open study co-author John W. Ayers reports that “3 years ago, there was essentially no one searching about CBD online, but now there are an estimated 6.4 million unique searches each month.”

The findings of this study are shed further light on the matter. During the last three years, the CBD searches have increased by 125% during 2017 to 160% during 2018. The researchers expect the searches to grow further to 180% in 2019.

Interestingly, geography plays a significant role, as well. The researchers found an increase in searches in particular states – searches grew by 605% in Alabama.

What is also interesting, though, is that states with legalized recreational marijuana use had the greatest number of CBD searches. What can be deduced from these findings is that CBD is clearly a nationwide topic of interest.

The study researchers also tracked searches for other health-related topics. Study co-author and researcher Alicia Nobles states, “For every two internet searches for dieting in the U.S., we found there is one for CBD!”

As you can see, the interest in CBD is skyrocketing. The best thing to do is to stay informed and to do our own research on how CBD can be integrated into our wellness routines.

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